Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Happy Little Succulent

Last night I was awoken from a fitful slumber as a voice like that of a forest brook slipping  over moss covered stones called out to me.

"Scott" it beckoned "have you forgotten who you are?"

As the sleep left my vision and my eyes came into focus I saw standing at the foot of my bed a beautiful angel. His perm was tight and well maintained his powder blue shirt pressed and spotless, his beard impeccable, his jeans creased. "Bob?" was all I could manage to utter. He only smiled, and as he did I felt my heart swell and press against my ribs.

"Paint" he said. Whether he spoke it audibly or I interpreted the message through his gaze I cannot recall.

My room was then filled with the most brilliant light so that every color I had every imagined shown all at once. And then as though someone had snuffed out a candle it all was dim. And I feel back into a deep and peaceful sleep.

When I rose this morning I had an overwhelming desire to paint. And so I did. I painted this happy little succulent. In Gouache using only Viridian, Burnt Sienna and white. I'm planning to continue to try out different two color combinations this way in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of their properties.


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