Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Meet the Artist

Well here's a little about me

A couple other answers to common questions:

Why did you become an artist?

It was something I always enjoyed doing since forever. My family will tell you the only time I was quite growing up is when I had a pencil in my hand. As I got older I sort of assumed it was something I would keep doing as a hobby but I had better find something more practical to make my living. Then at the end of 2 years living in South Africa as a volunteer missionary I was given the opportunity to paint a mural for a library. As I saw how happy it made the library staff and me I decided it would be better to go after something I feel passion for than to try and force myself to do something else. 
So as soon as I arrived home I applied to art school. 

Why do you use your middle name?

Milton is a family name. It's my grandfather's name and his Grandfather's name. I'm proud of it. My grandfather is a great man and his grandfather was a great man. Using it helps me feel grounded in who I am, and pushes me to strive to be better.

I'm always happy to answer any more questions about what I do!