Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Milmidmusmin Blueless Bird by Joni Fatora

Song: Blueless Bird
Album: Navigator EP
Artist: Joni Fatora
Favorite Moment: 
At the end of the second verse (1:32) Joni sings the phrase "I think I like it better when I sleep late past their call/ For all I know perhaps the birds don't even sing at all" and on that last line her voice drops on a dime from a flute like singing into a melancholy speech. 
Favorite Lyric:  
Tough to choose on this one. My favorite thing about this song is the lyrics. They paint such a pastel picture of a California morning in late spring.  I may just have to go with the first line in the song "Why do the birds sing so early in the dawn/ their honeysuckle melodies before my days alarm"
I was immediately drawn to Joni music from the first Casio keyboard snare hit. She has obviously has an ear for the retro and vintage aesthetic that I'm personally a fan of but there's a difference between parodying the past and using that nostalgic energy to express something entirely fresh. Joni ,for me, fits the later.
From her site: The daughter of a Sailor, Joni’s childhood carried her on a voyage across the world, always tied to the ocean. From the Mediterranean to the Sea of Japan and both the Atlantic and Pacific, her comfort lies in the uprooting. Her new five-song EP, aptly titled "Navigator," explores that unrest.

As always the illustration was created by me, in this case I was directly inspired by the music video.
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